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Touring Versailles During Summer Time

Visiting The Chateau de Versailles is beyond cool. It is enormous, luxurious and filled with French history. It used to be the royal residence but is now a very public landmark visited by millions of tourists every year, trying to come to terms with the architectural grandeur of a place that used to be just a home to the most powerful man in France.

The Chateau de Versailles imposing gate

Before visiting Versailles, make sure you research the history, that you purchase you entrance tickets both for the palace and the gardens and fill you bag with snacks, especially if visiting with children, as it will probably take an entire day to see almost everything.

This little village, about 10 miles from Paris, was first "discovered" by the then king of France, Louis XIII (1601-1643). He was attracted by the area's game and liked the lushness of the land that was almost untouched and allowed wild animal to roam freely. He built a small lodge, big enough to house him and his entourage and enjoyed hunting.

The lodge was later transformed into the palace it is today by Louis XIV (1638-1715), the son and successor of Louis III. He was known as the "Sun King" because the sun was the symbol he chose to be a representation of his government and himself at the center of it. He thought of himself as the most important person in the world and wanted his residence to reflect that, to reflect his power.

Chateau de Versailles gardens

The art and architecture of this palace are absolutely over the top. Every room, every door, every painting, every furniture was designed to serve a specific purpose.


Every single door in this magnificent palace is massive, impressive and imposing. The doors quietly demand respect without arrogance, they demand to be opened with a lot of care and they command attention by the beauty they exude.

Statues and Stairs

Stunning Ceilings

Chairs with a purpose

Breathtaking views of the Gardens

The Best View of All

A Lasting Impression

This is one of the most visited sites in France and although these images don't do justice to the actual structure and its gardens, our hope is to give you a glimpse into beauty and the culture of the #chateaudeversailles.

Photography by ZanouNelie


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