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A Little Peaceful Gem Disguised as a Museum in Miami

The benefit of visiting the Deering Estate right before closing time in Miami, FL

Having out of country visitors, especially children, can be challenging. We want to take them on a tour of the city, to visit popular landmarks or give them memorable experiences. But there is nothing more endearing than discovering a place that makes them happy. A place you are also discovering for the first time and can't believe it's been there all along. That's exactly what happened to me one Summer Sunday afternoon. I knew of the The Deering Estate, a 1920s historical site, but never found the time to visit.

After spending the weekend visiting the vibrant, colorful, and noisy Miami Bayside, one of the most touristic sites, I opted for something quiet that Sunday afternoon. Only the teenager was up to it as the other two kids were fatigued by then.

Surrounded by Trees

Upon entering the estate, right after the gate, you are surrounded by trees on both sides of a narrow path that gradually takes you further in the property. I felt as though I was walking a perfectly placed carpet of different shades of fallen brown leaves. I just felt this sense of peace come over me and wanted to savor every moment. The path took us to a lovely lofty historical house that was built in the 1920s.

The House

The house looked like a lovely home filled with a family's memories. Memories of laughter, children running around, cries, and dreams. It used to belong to Charles Deering and it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum was closed by the time we arrived, so we had to just continue on our walk.

The View

Getting pass the house was a treat. But nothing had prepared us to what we will find towards the end of the path. It is set up in a way that lets you emerge from a forest-like setting to a view of a row of tall palm trees on one side and deep blue water on the other, under a bright South Florida sun. It was simply breathtaking.

I didn't border sitting on one of the benches. I lowered myself to the the grass and got comfortable, then took a deep breath and got lost in the constant movement of those dancing waves. I could have remained there until night time but the museum had to close. I promised myself I'll find the time to come back at least once a month and make it a habit.

If you ever look for a place to visit or spend some quiet time with your favorite book or just to get away from your busy life, the #deeringestate is the place to go, especially right before they close. The place is almost empty and quiet.

Photography by ZanouNelie



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