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Summer Fun: Dive Into the Perfect Beach Day!

Imagine spending the perfect day at the beach, where every moment is filled with summer fun and relaxation. You wake up in a cozy beachfront hotel, ready to embark on a week-long vacation filled with unforgettable memories. That’s exactly what we did recently.

Riding the Waves

I drove to Daytona Beach Shores with my two teenage girls for a short gateway before the start of school.

Once we arrived at our hotel we could already see the ocean from the lobby and knew we would have an amazing time in this setting.

Our typical day at the beach began with a delicious breakfast to fuel our bodies. With energy levels replenished, we headed out to rent an umbrella and chairs, ensuring that we will have a comfortable spot to soak up the sun's rays and enjoy the endless water views.

As we stepped outside, the soft white sands greeted our feet, inviting us to embrace the beauty of this coastal paradise.

With each dip into the refreshing blue waters, we felt invigorated by the cool embrace of the waves. As we swam, we couldn't help but marvel at their strength and beauty - these were truly some of the best waves nature had to offer.

Afterwards, it was time to appreciate the now and simply relax under the shades. I felt a sense of tranquility wash over me and was grateful for this opportunity to just be. I came armed with a book, my favorite magazine, and a notebook.

Moments of Bliss for the Perfect Beach Day

I found solace in watching other families enjoying their time around us - laughter filled the air as children built sandcastles when they were not running around.

As lunchtime approached, we reached into our cooler full of fresh drinking water and quenched our thirst while taking in all that surrounded us. The gentle breeze carried with it a sense of tranquility as we savored each bite of our delicious Subway Turkey Breast sandwiches.

In that moment, there were no worries or deadlines; it was just pure bliss. I took a deep breath, allowing myself to fully enjoy every aspect of this perfect day at the beach - from feeling the warm sand between my toes to hearing seagulls soaring overhead. The unique scent of the beach filled my senses - a blend of saltwater mist and warm sea breeze that instantly transports you to a state of pure delight.

The hours passed by effortlessly as time seemed to slow down. I found myself lost at times, in The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese or simply strayed in my own thoughts - appreciating every second without any distractions.

As evening approached and golden hues painted across the sky, it was time to bid farewell to the water, the waves, and the soft sand for now. But as we left with sandy feet and a heart full of joy, I knew that the memories made on this beach day will stay with me forever.

So, whether it's best waves, the blue waters, or simply the opportunity to enjoy the moment, a day at the beach is an invitation to embrace life's simple pleasures and create lasting memories.

What's a perfect day for you? sound off in the comments!

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others!


Photography by Zanounelie


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