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Orléans, France: A Small City with Big Aspirations

Orléans, France is a small city outside of Paris, about an our away by train or car. The city is very lovely, clean and friendly. When visiting this area, do not focus on the attractions, which can be toured in a day, but on the feel you experience while walking the street, surveying the Loire river or admiring the architecture.

Cathédrale Sainte Croix of Orléans
Orléans Cathédrale

The Streets

While wandering the streets in the heart of Orléans, especially around the Cathedrale Sainte Croix, You can't help but wonder about its rich history and how people have walked the same roads for centuries. The atmosphere is bustling, but not noisy. People are friendly, but not invading. The pavement is shiny, but not blinding. The city is not full of tourists like Paris. You encounter mostly locals going about their day.

Strolling the streets of Orléans, France
The main Cinema in the center of Orléans

The Tramway in Orléans, France
Orléans, France

The Loire River

The Loire River is an iconic part of the city. It is part of the scenery and is very much cherished and fiercely protected as it continues to give people the ability to transform the edges of the long river into artificial beaches. Orleans wouldn't be the place it is without the Loire River.

Orléans, France
The Loire River in Orléans, France

The Architecture

The center of the city, particularly, allows you to return to the past and delve into Renaissance, a time that mark the transition from Middle Ages to Modernity (15th and 16th centuries). Orléans is perhaps best known for how Joan of Arc famously saved the city from the English in 1429. There is a festival every Spring that celebrates her and her contributions to the city. Her former house is now a museum with visiting hours and is located near the Place du Martoi. Right in the middle of the place, stands a statue of Joan of Arc. She pretty much defines the city and puts it on the map.

Orléans, france
Statue of Joan of Arc

Photography by Zanou Nelie


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