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Chateau Chamerolles: A hidden gem

3 things to keep in mind when visiting this magnificent castle located 75 miles away from the south of Paris.

France is known for its beautiful, imposing castles and this Renaissance chateau is amongst the special ones. Its architecture is specific to the 16th century, composed of polychromatic brick pattern and covered arcade. The castle underwent its most recent renovation in 1987 and is dedicated today to the history of perfume making. #ChateauChamerolles is not as popular as Versailles for example, but maybe that's what makes it charming and unique. Here are 3 things to take away from this wonder.

A view from the gardens
Chateau Chamerolles

1) Chamerolles' History

From a 12th century fort to the local heritage

We were first attracted to Chamerolles for its perfume making history but were equally impressed by the story behind the impressive structure. When you step into the middle court after entering the castle, you feel transported to the 12th century featuring a well at the center where the residents used to fetch water. The site is usually not busy and gives visitors the opportunity to really explore each room without rushing or being overwhelmed by crowds.

The estate has remained in the du Lac family for 235 years

2) The Perfume Gallery

After several rsetaurations, it was decided that Chamerolles will be turned into a themed meseum that will tell the history of perfume making and sanitation from the Renaissance to present day. Going through the perfume gallery, the beginning focuses on the 16th and 17th century dedicated to the fight of illnesses and the use of perfume throughout French society. The 19th century sees the making of the first perfume while the 20th century sees the transformation of the perfume bottle to some of the most sophisticated designs.

3) The Gardens

“Beautiful gardens surrounded by lushness and flowery things

The #chateauchamerollles gardens are very reminiscent of the Renaissance period. The castle is set in the middle of beautiful gardens surrounded by lushness and flowery things. The lake gives them a sort of freshness they seem to crave and enough quietness to allow for reflection, reverie and imagination.

Photography by Zanou Nelie


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